Kevin Burgess


In networks today it is generally not if but when malware is going to be downloaded to a host. We will discuss how this malware then moves around inside a legacy network and how microsegmenting a network can be used to help limit the east west proliferation.

Lilly Chalupowski


I started my career after I hit rock bottom being a single mom who moved back to live with my parents. This was after dropping out of computer science in university, my professors told me I would not be good enough to get a job in computers. I had lost all passion for what I loved and hoped for the future. I worked with my case worker (social assistance program) and they helped me gain the confidence to try computers again. I was able to tech myself programming and other computer science concepts on my own time (online courses). With this, I was able to regain my confidence regarding computers. I then became really interested in offensive security and applied to work at a cyber security company. I started as an entry-level analyst and worked my way up to starting my own threat research and detection department. I taught myself how to reverse engineer malware from scratch along the way and have not looked back since. If I can train an English teacher to reverse engineer malware, I have the confidence I can train anyone to get the task done. If you are looking for someone to lead your threat research and detection team who has done each job on the way up to the top, I might be the one you are looking for. Since then, I've presented research all across North America, appeared on TV as an expert twice and have not looked back. I love reverse engineering, malware analysis, detecting threat actors, the thrill of the hunt, mentoring other women who want to get into cyber security and most importantly, my family and the wonderful people on my team who have grown so much in their careers.

Devin Patterson


In my work as the Manager of our Customer Success Team at Beauceron Security, I am responsible for the success & challenges of standing up cyber awareness programs for over 700 clients which include some of Canada’s largest financial institutions, telecommunications companies, healthcare organizations, and federal/provincial/municipal government agencies. As trusted advisers to these organizations, my team are constantly challenged to help them achieve buy-in to rollout & evolve their programs across different levels of stakeholders, and prove the value of their programs to senior leaders & procurement/finance departments.

Malcolm MacDonald

Working 20+ years doing a variety of IT roles

Aastha Singh

"Growth vs Quality" is a common moot point in many industries. My North Star is to achieve business growth while maintaining quality. I am wearing two hats serving as Quality Assurance Manager & Product Owner at BeyondTrust. As a product leader with 12+yrs in IT, I support distributed teams across the USA, Canada, UK & South America in my current capacities. Having a background in Quality Assurance & Test Automation with expertise in programming languages such as Java & C# has given me the ability to see through the code & also think from a customer perspective. As a QA Manager, I am responsible for coaching scrum teams to adopt effective Test & Automation strategies to get early feedback in the software development lifecycle. As a Product Owner, I am passionate about building products that customers need, cater to their pain-points & delight them with new features & capabilities. In the past, I have built agile teams from scratch & mentored them to be self-organising eventually. I have introduced & fine-tuned several process areas to boost efficiency across several development teams and empowered them to minimize waste & redundant processes that stalled their productivity.

Leon Morris

College professor and Adjunct University Professor teaching Cybersecurity and other IT Programs to Indigenous youth (16-30). Team Mentor for Indigenous team attending the 2023 CyberSci in Ottawa. Cisco Field Engineer, cybersecurity auditor and investigator, and most importantly, Granddad to 3 wonderful boys and one beautiful little girl. :) SciFi geek, metal forger/welder/fabricator. Jack of all trades, master of none.

Magno Logan

As an Information Security Specialist, Magno Logan specializes in various subjects, including Cloud, Container, Application Security Research, Threat Modeling, and Kubernetes Security. He boasts multiple international certifications and is a sought-after speaker at worldwide security conferences, presenting in countries such as Canada, the US, Brazil, and Europe. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Magno is the founder of the JampaSec Security Conference and the OWASP Paraiba Chapter. He has previously served as a Snyk Ambassador and member of the CNCF Security TAG, Kubernetes SIG Security, and OpenSSF.